Month: February 2017

Auto Locksmiths in Ashington

February 21, 2017

Call now for fast response – 07511 539 396

CC Locksmiths covers all corners of the North Easts with Ashington being one of the areas covered When you have lost or had your car or van keys stolen you have 3 options to choose from.

Call the local dealer to get a new key:

The problem you will have is that they will want you to get the car to them with all the correct documents for the car, eg vehicle registration and also the owners driving license, But you can’t as you have no keys. So you will have to get it towed to them. Extra cost, plus the price of the new key. You can wait up to two weeks to get the new key as they do not keep car keys in stock unlike CC Locksmiths.

Call a recovery or insurance company out to help:

They get to your car and try open the car with rods and damage the car in the process. They will find that the car is deadlocked and there method has failed so they have to then tow the car to the main dealer or back to your home address. Damaged car and a tow fee can be expensive depending on the time plus the price of a new key, why go through all of this stress and expense when CC Locksmiths have roadside assistance and cheap competitive rates.

The last option is to call CC Locksmiths out to make a key a new transponder key.

We arrive at your location where ever you are, open your vehicle with no damage using specialist equipment which is individual to cars makes and models and make a key for you to drive away with the same day at a lower cost than the dealer. No towing fees or damaged vehicle which saves the customer a lot of money and time. Give CC Locksmiths a call today and see how we can help you!

Our qualified auto locksmiths can help with broken and lost car keys, faulty locks, and lock-outs. They also deal with transponder key problems and much more. Services offered to the general public and motor trade in Ashington Being your local locksmiths we will always give the most competitive prices around,

If you need a new car key or would like a faulty one replaced, but you don’t need an emergency response or the cost of an emergency auto locksmith job, then you should complete our quote form and our auto locksmiths will contact you with quotes for your job.

Auto Locksmiths in Cramlington

Call now for fast response – 07511 539 396

Cramlington is just one of many areas we cover in the North East of England.

If you have been locked out of your home or car, we know it is crucial to get you a swift service – whether your front door slams behind you, you have shut your boot with the keys inside or you have snapped or lost your car key.

With our extensive experience providing essential security services to clients in the Cramlington area, CC Locksmiths have a 24 hour help line available for those customers who have been locked out of their cars and homes.

We operate on a rapid response time for each call so whenever you need assistance we can guarantee fast and reliable service.

Our mobile service will come to you whether it is at your place of work, at your home and even if you are stuck at the roadside.

Our auto locksmiths are experts at car or van unlocking and have immense experience with gaining entry into vehicles without causing any damage. This is done by CC Locksmiths buying and using specialist tools and techniques. We understand that you may just get through to your local auto locksmith at the first call and they may get you into your vehicle but are likely to cause damage. We use specialised picks that’s we have acquired over the years to pick the locks on your car or van causing no damage at all. They are the quickest and safest way of gaining entry.

We know that nothing ruins a day quicker than not being able to gain access to your vehicle. Whether you have lost your keys, locked them in your car or you just need transponder programming, our team of local expert locksmiths are at hand to help with any problems you may encounter during your busy day.

We have also realised that the introduction of central locking systems into the automotive world can cause some problems,

door locks contain many small delicate parts and when they are not used can seize and cause all sorts of dilemmas,

CC locksmiths is here to solve these problems, we can remove, strip and clean the locks to restore them back to working order.

We have been proud to serve the people of Cramlington for over a decade. We take pride in our inventory and the service we provide. For all of your key and lock needs – Visit or call CC Locksmiths, specialists in car keys, locks and domestic locks.

In the event that you fall victim of a burglary or break in, CC Locksmiths can provide and emergency service and repair

To make sure your car or home is safe again, We realise that changing locks is a main thing to get done when you have lost or misplaced any sort of keys so we provide a 24/7 service, so we can guarantee a fast service. so if you are ever in need of any assistance please don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime or drop in to see us during shop hours!