Lock Repair/Replace

Even the most resilient and modern locking systems can falter, and when they do – we make sure we’re available to ensure that the amount of inconvenience suffered is always the bare minimum.

If there’s been a case of physical damage to the lock or key, whether that is impact damage, water damage, rusting, weather damage or simply seizing-up, we’re on hand to source the best solution for you – and your purse-strings! In the unlikely event that the lock is in a condition beyond repair and can’t be fixed on the spot by one of our seasoned automotive locksmith specialists, an ample and hard wearing replacement lock will be provided instead. Our replacement barrels are structured from only the most durable materials and can be re-pinned to suit all of the other locks on your vehicle – making the transition seamless as well as painless!

If you’re having trouble with an unresponsive lock, get in touch today and one of our technicians can be on the scene to fix you up in no time whatsoever.

Vehicles we regularly repair